Lizzy Burt

Celebrity Newsletter

This A5 saddle-stitched booklet is sent out to celebrity supporters and their publicists to thank them, and keep them informed about the charity's activities. So how do you get someone who receives a lot of post to take notice? Stickerbombing.

The names of all the celebrity supporters are printed as 'Thank You' stickers, the kind you'd receive if you put money in a charity tin. Then each envelope was customised with a random explosion of stickers, making each mailing unique.

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Volunteer Fundraising toolkit

Volunteer fundraising (VFR) have a vast and impressive reach across the country. The department aim to engage with volunteers and support their fundraising activity. A challenge in developing materials for this team is to cover a lot of activities and diverse audiences, without diluted or generic messaging.

I devised the concept, wrote the copy, and created the artwork for a series of empty belly posters. The tone of voice strikes a balance between conveying the fun of fundraising by encouraging the audience to build on their skills and hobbies, whilst also being a rallying cry to join the fight for every heartbeat.

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