Lizzy Burt

Pure Gold, Southbank Centre

Pure Gold is the annual showcase of Goldsmiths Music department. The event promises an eclectic mix of exciting and innovative artists, from pop to classical to experimental.

With this diversity in mind, I designed and produced a visual identity for the event at the Southbank Centre. I art directed a photoshoot with photographer Kevin Moran, and produced promotional print collateral, a social media toolkit, and vinyl decals in the event space itself.

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Defining Design - Masters booklet

I was asked to create a booklet to promote the Design Masters programmes at Goldsmiths. Previously, this had taken the form of an A5 booklet with content drawn from the prospectus - course descriptions, images of the facilities, entry requirements etc.

Prospective design students are naturally interested in the kind of people they'll be studying with, and the nature of the work that emerges. So I revised and restructured the content differently. Each course is represented by a student speaking about their experience and their design practice. I wanted to answer specific questions that are pertinent to prospectice design students such as; what kind of work will I produce? What's the studio culture like? How will my design practice evolve?

Restructuring the content was a logical step in tailoring this to the audience. I commissioned photography not just of the students themselves but also their work. The format was enlarged to A4 to give the content more breathing space. The name 'Defining Design' captures the unique spirit of Goldsmiths Design department; to constantly question and reshape the discipline of design.

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Political Economy Research Centre

The Political Economy Research Centre (PERC) is a centre for the cultural and political analysis of economic life, based at Goldsmiths, headed by Will Davies and Johnna Montgomerie.

I designed and produced a visual identity for the centre. Collage felt like an apt medium for a centre whose areas of interest span many traditional academic disciplines, seeing the most disparate elements brought together through discourse and analysis. Political economy is an almost infinitely broad subject, and PERC's event titles include "What can economics learn from science fiction?" and "The politics of indebtedness".

You can see the PERC website here.

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